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Physical Security Assessment

Huginn(S4) conducts security assessments of established or potential sites based on your needs and requirements. The physical security evaluations and recommendations are based on utilizing tiered assessments, risk management, and our unique skills and experiences. Our recommendations help mitigate risk or potential loss due to gaps in security and to support your security decision making process. 

In support of your security needs, we offer the following scalable solutions to satisfy a variety of situations:

The Rapid Physical Security Assessment identifies potential security deficiencies based on Interagency Security Committee (ISC) and/or FEMA Rapid Visual Screening standards according to your needs. This type of assessment is recommended for initial evaluations to identify potential security deficiencies based on man-made threats and/or natural hazards.

The Comprehensive Physical Threat and Vulnerability Assessment provides detailed evaluations, analysis, and recommendations for improvements to your security environment. Our proprietary reports, in conjunction with FEMA tiered risk assessment guidance, identify vulnerabilities and potential threats to sites, personnel, processes, and other assets. It is recommended for in-depth assessments of vulnerabilities identified during the initial evaluation or known critical assets and processes. 



Red Team Audit

Red Teams provide unique and objective assessments of an organization's physical security posture, procedures, and strategy. 

Huginn(S4) professionals can address security from the perspective of potential internal and/or external threats to identify possible weak links in your organization's security strategy. 

The Red Team arrives at its customized assessment and recommendations through “war-gaming” with the organization’s own key staff members, facility penetration testing, and/or via unconventional research and analysis of security measures.

Our Red Team provides external and unbiased recommendations that allow your organization to avoid group-think, internal bias, and complacency surrounding security matters.



Emergency Management Planning

Emergency management planning prepares an organization to respond to a wide variety of potential hazards. It could mean the difference between continuing operations or total business failure.

Huginn(S4) will assess, update, or assist in developing your emergency management plan, thus increasing safety and survivability in the case of natural or man-made disasters. ​

In conjunction with emergency management planning, Huginn(S4) can support your team to develop or review your organization's continuity of operations plan.

Executive Expediting

Huginn(S4) provides executive expediting services for VIPs based on their travel requirements in areas of concern.

Prior to arrival security and safety assessments:

- Transportation

- Accommodations 

- Routes

- Meeting locations

- Emergency services

Upon arrival to departure:

- Facilitate transportation

- Provide security and safety orientation

- Monitor on-going local security situation